Invoices Were Not Flying

The feeling of freedom soaring through clear blue skies is what Clay Lacy Aviation is all about. As the first executive jet charter service west of the Mississippi, CLA wanted to extend that freedom to clients across the country. CLA serves a very customized clientele selling, servicing, and maintaining jet aircraft from every major manufacturer. You can imagine, dealing with so many different clients, vendors, and suppliers meant forms coming in the mail of virtually every size, shape, and configuration. More than 35,000 invoices pass through CLA mailboxes each year from around the globe, and the time required to process the paper was requiring too much time. A staff of 20 was dedicated to processing the high volume of invoices. Some invoices required up to a half hour to get into the system. With all that handling, errors were bound to seep into the process.

Something had to change. Simply adding more staff was not the solution because errors would still remain, and costs would continue to increase.

Capture was the Key

The team at DoxTek helped Clay Lacy Aviation by implementing a complete solution using ABBYY Flexicapture. The goal was to eliminate the need for a human being to see an invoice, unless they could add some value to the process. Flexicapture ended up being the perfect scan solution to integrate with CLA’s legacy enterprise resource planning system. Plus, it works seamlessly with OnBase by passing just the information needed from invoices.

Once the system was in place, DoxTek helped CLA implement more process improvements. For instance, vendors were encouraged to email invoices as pdfs to a unique email address. So far, more than half of all CLA vendors now use the system, with more expected.

Efficiency Increase of 35%

The new process from ABBYY supported by DoxTek reduced error rates to near zero. With efficiency increases of 35% that’s only the beginning. The value of transitioning Flexicapture to other departments, such as human resources is on the horizon.

Clear blue skies can mean many things. The freedom from mountains of paper reduced to accurate digital processes is part of what DoxTek provides to keep CLA’s clients flying high.