Up to 80% of an Accounts Payable (AP) clerk’s time is spent chasing down information. Did the right person approve this purchase, did their boss approve the budget, did the vendor submit the invoice or packing slip, and if they did, where is it?  And then more time is spent entering it into two or three different systems. You know there is a better way and DoxTek can help you build it.

We create custom solutions that reduce an AP clerk’s workload by about two thirds while increasing security and accessibility and decreasing late fees and missed payments.

From invoice processing and payment tracking to electronic approvals and voucher creation, DoxTek helps you improve both document security and process efficiency. Our clients benefit from improved processes, increased control and better audit trails.

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Central Utah Water Conservancy District Accounts Payable Solution

Waiting for approval from remote locations as part of the Accounts Payable (AP) process can be frustrating. More so when supporting documentation for those invoices are stored at the main facility and remote workers lack the access to crucial documents they need to make decisions.

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Ridgeback’s Changing Invoice Needs

When Ridgeback began to move away from paper invoices, their invoice scanning solution became too much.

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Clay Lacy Invoice Capture

35,000 invoices is a lot of paper and email invoices. With that type of load, aircraft can barely get off the ground. Clay Lacy needed to find a solution to lighten things up.

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