Costs of I-9 Compliance

Recently, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of Homeland Security have made I-9 compliance a top priority. As an executive, you need to be aware of how this can effect your bottom line. It’s crucial to manage cash flow by having an I-9 solution that satisfies those agencies requirements.

Actually, many employers aren’t even aware they may be non-compliant. A surprise audit that reveals problems can have big consequences for an organization out of compliance. For example, in 2018 ICE delivered more than 5,000 notices of audit to businesses in the US. Over $7 million in civil fines were levied in 2017 alone. If errors are found during an audit, the fines and extra expenses can be devastating. For one thing, if key people and internal resources need to focus on an audit, business operations can be negatively impacted. To top it off, depending on the infraction, a business could face millions in penalties. Negative attention and crippling legal fees can make things worse when fines are made public.

Shrewd CFOs are looking for a complete compliance solution. A DoxTek solution provides peace of mind to our clients by helping reduce overall costs and providing a quick return on your investment.

Wonder what you may need for your I-9s? Check our I-9 FAQ page.

Our Solution

The DoxTek I-9 solution isn’t a replacement for your human resource information system (HRIS). Our product works with your HRIS to make it better. The rigorous demands of I-9 compliance is where we start. But we still customize every solution to fit your process needs.

The DoxTek I-9 solution follows three basic steps.

Analyze. Before anything else, your data must be captured. The I-9 capture happens in one of three ways, from scanned pages, received by email, or entered on a web form. Once in place, every field is analyzed to ensure two things. First, that there are no empty fields, and second they contain the necessary information.

Update. The DoxTek I-9 solution gathers information from your HRIS to check if employee I-9s have been completed. As a result, each employee record is updated with the appropriate I-9 status.

Check. It’s critical to know when an I-9 should be deleted. By linking with your HRIS, the DoxTek system monitors employee dates of hire and departure. Subsequently, trigging a deletion event.

By setting up report distribution preferences, you control how the information flows. Only those in your organization who need specific I-9 information will get it. The customized reports can also be shared at predetermined intervals. For example, one group may need to have reports monthly, while some may need weekly updates.

Here is an example of what the report might include.

  • Employees who do not have an I9 on file
  • Incomplete I-9s or those with potential errors
  • I-9s scheduled for review and deletion

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