Spirit of Innovation

“Houston, we have a problem.”

This may have been the most astronomical understatement spoken in the history of manned flight. The crew of Apollo 13 then executed what may be one of the most innovative acts of engineering ever. With several seemingly random items, including duct tape, the cover of a flight manual, and a couple of socks, the Apollo crew was able to build the “mailbox” that scrubbed CO2 from their environment and allowed them to breath on the extended journey back to earth.

In that same spirit of pioneering and innovation, Click Bond has built a reputation for doing hard things—fast. What exactly does it take to put together some of the most technologically advanced machines on the planet? Click Bond has the answer. For example, the F35 Lightning II contains many Click Bond parts.

Changing from Nut and Bolts to High Tech Connections

Once upon a time, most aircraft used rivets and bolts to fasten each component together. Click Bond’s advanced adhesive technologies provide a connection solution that replaces the old bolt and rivet configurations—providing products that are quicker to install, easier to maintain, lighter, and contribute to greater fuel efficiency.

The technologies that Click Bond provides are even moving beyond aerospace applications. For example, electricians and plumbers in New York are using Click Bond fasteners in new and innovative ways to serve their customers in the Big Apple.

Mountains of Paper

Unfortunately, Click Bond’s stellar adhesives were unable to help deal with the avalanche of paper forms the company dealt with every day—sometimes more than 7,000. These documents included certifications, quality assurance tests, and raw materials lists that were processed then locked in a digital legacy solution to keep things secure. The trouble was, the files were difficult to navigate and the system was cumbersome and slow while performing searches. Click Bond faced a document management challenge that was outside their area of expertise. That’s where DoxTek came in.

DoxTek helped Click Bond design and implement a highly secure OnBase solution that resulted in a big win. As the dynamic system received new documents, it accurately attached and indexed information that automatically made it searchable. The legacy solution never quite functioned completely as advertised, but the new DoxTek implementation accomplished several important things beyond expectations. A few of those benefits included a significant reduction in time and resources required for routine maintenance, as well as outstanding security protocols.

Expanding the Solution

7,000 documents each day is a big number, and yet, Click Bond expects it to increase beyond 10,000 by the end of the year. The new DoxTek document management solution has performed so well where it has been implemented for Click Bond, they are investigating where else it can be used. Some of the document heavy departments under consideration are shipping invoices and packing slips, finance, and even human resources.

At DoxTek, we’re happy to help keep Click Bond’s document strategies together, while Click Bond engineers and innovates ways to keep the machines in our lives connected. Problem solved.