Slow Process

Slow is typically not a good thing in business. For the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD), the approval process for invoices took several days. Part of the challenge was the process lacked a centralized document management system, which meant invoices had to be processed manually. To complicate matters, the accounting staff had to wait for supervisors at remote locations to receive the invoices by courier just to review and approve or deny the charges. Only after this review would a courier return the invoice to the accounting staff. If remote workers needed additional documentations to know whether to approve or deny a particular invoice, an urgent request was sent back to the main office. Consequently, these requests meant more time was spent locating and sending the information back to the field office. In short, this was a nightmare.

An invoice had to make its way through a multiple-tiered approval process. The CUWCD accounting team could experience painful wait times on approval from supervisors. It was during this back and forth part of the invoice cycle that an invoice might get lost or buried in other paperwork.

On top of all that, when an invoice was received, information could be indexed multiple times. As a result, CUWCD faced the real possibility of duplicate entries in the internal tracking systems.

What Was Needed

CUWCD knew they needed a more streamlined system. A system where documents could be stored securely and be accessible through a single repository. This new system would need to be integrated with their current organization-wide accounting and repository systems. Of course, access would still need to be provided to both internal and remote employees, no matter their location.

They turned to DoxTek with their wish list.

The Solution

The DoxTek team devised a plan for CUWCD to handle invoices and all the supporting documents. First, the documents would be scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology capture software. This capture would allow the documents’ data to be auto-populated (indexed) into the accounting software. Once scanned and indexed, the newly digitized invoice would be sent through the approval process via OnBase’s automated notification system and stored in its secure repository.

The team is now able to make document approvals 24/7 from any location, whether in or out of the office using a smart phone, laptop, iPad, or desktop computer. The accounting team shares invoices, check, and payment information in real time. Approved users can view, re-route, and manage the invoices as necessary.

Once the invoice has been approved by each individual, OnBase notifies the accounting system the invoice is ready for payment.

Finally, the check is cut through the accounting system, and a copy of the check and payment information is stored in OnBase and cross-referenced to all related invoices.

Thanks to the DoxTek systems integration, CUWCD employees now access project supporting documentation for more than just invoices. The system also handles compliance reports, engineering documents, and even maintenance information.

CUWCD now has a secure, more efficient, digitized process that allows for better administrative capabilities, including an audit trail to track the viewing and editing history of each document.

For DoxTek, it’s not just about meeting the need of the client, it is about exceeding their expectations.

“DoxTek exceeded our expectations in their ability to deliver an integrated solution that improved our overall operational efficiency.”

– CUWCD Controller