ApplicationXtender from EMC is an enterprise-content-management solution that helps companies scan, store, retrieve, and preserve information. As a result, you can access content from nearly any web browser or device using ApplicationXtender.


Eliminating bottlenecks is one of the most important aspects of running a successful enterprise. So if your company is struggling with bothersome bottlenecks, meeting customer service requirements, business performance, or process efficiency, it may be time to find a reliable solution like ApplicationXtender from EMC.

Format Transformation

ApplicationXtender can transform content of any kind, whether physical or digital,  into the format you need. That content is then ready to be distributed through a variety channels. Even better, ApplicationXtender is easy to monitor and takes limited IT support to maintain. Some of its features include:

  • Line-of-business optimized solution
  • Share information using Microsoft applications
  • Shorten deployment times
  • Improve decision-making and reduce costs
  • Decrease paper-use

Finally, if you need to send content in many different formats, ApplicationXtender is the solution for you.