Changing Workforce

It’s said that the only constant is change. The business world has been rapidly changing, and one of the most dynamic elements of that change is the workforce. For instance, many baby boomers are remaining in the market well beyond what was once considered traditional retirement age. Millennials are entering their working years wanting to make a difference in the world. Of course, those in between have their own challenges, such as the sandwich generation caring for children and aging parents.

Challenges with Different Workers

Balance for today’s worker is closely linked to their engagement on the job. Perhaps a millennial may need the flexibility to pursue work that sparks their creativity. If that opportunity is within the scope of their work, great. But if it’s a side hustle, systems need to be in place to foster that growth. Another scenario maybe a worker who is caring for an aging parent. For example, doctor visits, an incident at home, or even facilitating travel plans for mom or dad may require a worker’s attention during regular business hours. Because of the awareness of mental health issues, more and more, service animals are becoming part of daily life. Some workers may need the dog nearby to do their best work. Are your employee file management systems ready?

Making it Work

Whatever the individual worker’s challenge, knowing how to fit the solution to the need starts with the information you have about your team. So if a service animal is necessary, you can create special programs for pets in the office. An aging parent may require unique communication channels available from and to the employee. For the side hustler, a work schedule beyond the typical nine to five might be the ticket.

Flexibility in work schedule, like working from home part or full time can be a great solution for many workers. The challenge is how to record and retrieve the information that will help you as the human resource professional know how, when, and what solutions to apply.