September 24, 2015

AIIM for the Stars!

DoxTek, Inc. 


Mr. Dwayne Ritchie, DoxTek’s Executive Vice President of Sales, has been named the AIIM Rocky Mountain Chapter President for 2015-2016. Mr. Ritchie began his affiliation with AIIM while living in California many years ago and has been based out of the Denver area for the last 9+ years.  Mr. Ritchie commented, “While AIIM’s presence on a national and global level is seeing continued growth, I have watched our local chapter go through a recent hiatus.  We plan to make this year meaningful to all…I am excited to share the year with you and all that the Rocky Mountain AIIM Chapter has to offer.”

About AIIM:

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the global community of information professionals. Our mission is to help you and your organization survive and thrive in the era of Information Chaos by solving these 4 key business problems:

  1. How do we manage the risk of growing volumes of content?
    2. How do we automate our content-intensive business processes?
    3. How do we use content to better engage and collaborate?
    4. How do we gain business insight from all of this information?

And we do it in these 4 ways:

  1. Market Research– Designed to help organizations understand the potential of content technologies
  2. Expert Advice– Focused on how and why organizations are using content technologies
  3. Community– Putting you in touch with passionate fellow practitioners sharing best practices
  4. Skills Development– Gives you the expertise you need to be successful

AIIM has 34 chapters across the globe which provides the opportunity for business professionals to expand their knowledge and network with members of their local communities. For questions about AIIM and the chapters near you check out or give us a call at (866) 678-8400.

PDF Version: AIIM for the Stars!

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