All deposits documents with California Bank & Trust (CB&T) were sent to a central group for scanning and processing. From the initial document’s tracking, to verification and indexing of the data, and classification of the document itself, each task was performed through a lengthy manual entry and review process. Due to the manual handling of paper documents and inconsistent methods of classifying the documents, CB&T was in need of a more efficient process. CB&T wanted to automate the process surrounding their cumbersome manual entry requirements, but any automation tools needed to include the ability for the new solution to seamlessly integrate with their in-house web-based product.

DoxTek  Solutions

DoxTek has extensive experience with the integration of various banking systems, including homegrown web-based products such as the one designed and used by CB&T. The focus on integration within DoxTek’s new solution allowed deposit documents to be sent electronically from each CB&T branch and automatically imported into the process using capture software, DoxTek’s Email Import Module software, and the bank’s existing hardware units.

Under the new process, documents are no longer sent to the bank’s Imaging Group for scanning. Instead, branches can now scan directly from a local multi-function printer to a newly created email inbox for processing.  This allows for back office personnel to then complete standard verification procedures. In addition to being able to complete document review on each version of the document, the capture process allows for the automation of data indexing and the classification of document types.

Once the document has been scanned and dropped into the email inbox, the software solution scans the inbox and creates batches for each email then classifies and separates the documents. Extracting the data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, the software solution is then able to automate the validation process. The only required manual step in the process involves operators viewing the images and associated data for a manual review of the system’s classification and separation. The operator is able to delete, move, reclassify, and modify field data associated with the incoming documents.

All documents and associated field data are sent to a web application or content management system for storage and handling.

DoxTek’s deposit document process not only implemented the electronic capturing and automation of data but also made those documents available for viewing and created secure document storage.  The creation of business process workflows helped CB&T’s approval process and overall content management system become more efficient through a validation and verification process.

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