Waiting for approval from remote locations as part of the Accounts Payable (AP) process can be frustrating,  even more so when supporting documentation for those invoices are stored at the main facility and remote workers lack the access to crucial documents they need to make decisions.  DoxTek was able to integrate CUWCD’s existing systems to prevent duplicate data entry and create a central repository for improved efficiency while also implementing secure remote access of AP documents for the companies’ field workers. 


CUWCD’s approval process lacked a centralized document management system and took several days for invoices to be manually processed.  Accounting staff had to wait for supervisors at remote locations to receive the invoices via personal delivery in order to review the documents and approve or deny the charges.  Once reviewed, the invoice would be returned via courier to the main facility.  At times, remote workers required additional documentation to approve or deny any particular invoice.  However, in order to access those supplemental documents, a request was sent back to the main office wherein additional time to search and send the information back to the field office was commonplace.

As invoices made their way through the organizations multiple-tiered approval process, CUWCD experienced lengthy wait times on approval from supervisors at times.  As the invoices made their way through the layered approval process, the likelihood that invoices could become lost or buried in other paperwork on an individual’s desk or en route to the next signee increased.

An additional challenge CUWCD faced was that of duplicate entries within their internal systems. Upon receiving an invoice, information would need to be indexed multiple times, requiring additional time and resources.

CUWCD was searching for a more streamlined system, wherein their documents could be stored securely and be accessible through a single repository.  The repository had to have the ability to be integrated with their current organization-wide accounting and repository systems where access could be provided to both internal and remote employees, no matter their location.

DoxTek Solution

The DoxTek team determined that CUWCD’s invoices and supporting documents would be scanned using capture software, which allows for the documents data to be read using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and then auto-populated (indexed) into the accounting software.   Once scanned and indexed, the newly digitized invoice would be then sent through the approval process via OnBase’s automated notification system and stored in its secure repository.  The team is now able to make document approvals 24/7 from any location, whether in or out of the office via smart phone, laptop, iPad, or desktop computer.  The accounting team can now share invoices and check and payment information in real time.  Approved users can view, re-route, and manage the invoices as necessary.  Once the invoice has been approved by all necessary individuals, OnBase then notifies the accounting system that the invoice is ready for payment.  The check is cut through the accounting system and a copy of the check and payment information is stored in OnBase and cross-referenced to all related invoices.


Thanks to the integration of systems by DoxTek, CUWCD employees can now access supporting documentation for their projects for more than just invoices, including  compliance reports, engineering documents, and maintenance information.

CUWCD has gained a secure, more efficient, digitized process that allows for better administrative capabilities.  Some benefits include immediate notification when invoices arrive and are ready for approval, the ability to determine access for individuals or departments within the company, and an audit trail to track the viewing and editing history of each document.  For DoxTek, it is not just about meeting the need of the customer; it is about exceeding their expectations.

“DoxTek exceeded our expectations in their ability to deliver an integrated solution that improved our overall operational efficiency.”

 – CUWCD Controller