DoxTek was able to create a solution that automated the majority of this process, while allowing for manual review and changes of the systems data if, and when, necessary.  The solution was able to drastically reduce the amount of manual processing required, while securely maintaining the integrity of client data.


In the original process, deposit documents were sent to Nevada State Bank’s (NSB’s) central Document Review group for scanning and processing.  Document tracking, verification, indexing and classification were all performed manually.  Due to the laborious manual process, NSB’s timeliness of document availability was below the standard the bank wished to maintain for deposit documentation processing. They were seeking a new process that could be integrated with their existing document management system.

DoxTek Solutions

Due to the necessity of maintaining use of NSB’s homegrown web-based document management product, DoxTek’s solution was heavily focused on the integration between it and the newly implemented capture system. Key to the solution’s initiative, deposit documents are sent electronically from NSB branches and automatically imported into the capture process.  Under this solution, it is no longer required for documents to be sent to NSB’s central Document Review group for scanning and processing.

Under DoxTek’s new Deposit Document solution, branches now scan directly from local Multi-Function Printers to a newly created and monitored email inbox.  DoxTek’s Email Import Module monitors this Deposit Document email inbox and performs various checks prior to creating a batch in the capture solution for processing. After DoxTek’s Email Import Module verifies that the incoming email has an attachment and performs a database lookup to check the “from” email address to verify the sender, the Email Import Module creates a batch in the software solution containing the image attachments and the automated process is in full-swing.

Using various capture software components; classification and separation of document types are then auto-established through set determinants based on the bank’s requirements.  Indexing and document review take place through a validation module and are the only required manual steps in the process.  The operator in this validation process has the ability to perform a manual review of the system classification and separation, as well as, delete, move, reclassify and modify field data associated with the incoming documents.

Following validation, a digital annotation (i.e. stamp) is added to the document before exporting and storing the document electronically into the Bank’s web-based document management system.


DoxTek’s solution for Nevada State bank helped to speed up the once manual system by automatically classifying and extracting pertinent data of incoming electronic documents.  The deposit document capture process turned this previously manual and timely process into a highly efficient automated process. This new process ingests paper documents electronically and in turn, makes those documents available for secure viewing, storage and workflow management within the content management systems.

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