This Rockies-based integrated natural gas company includes several subsidiaries including a regulated natural gas distribution utility subsidiary serving more than 900,000 homes and businesses in the Intermountain West; an exploration and production subsidiary which develops and produces natural gas on behalf of the utility customers; and a pipeline and transportation subsidiary which operates interstate natural gas pipelines and storage facilities in the western United States.


In addition to needing an upgrade to its current document management system, this Natural Gas Company has thousands of miles of pipelines which it is constantly testing, replacing and improving sections of or specific parts to maintain proper MAOP (Maximum Operating Pressure). To fulfill changing compliance standards, they needed to substantiate all pipeline facility data through traceable, verifiable and complete data.

Another area of required improvement included access for emergency responders and utility location services in communities across their service area. Both groups needed access to crucial documents and drawings in order to immediately identify information on gas lines and gas shut-off locations as well as critical data necessary to ensure safety on construction and building sites, as well as contain or alleviate damage and injuries during emergency response calls

DoxTek Solution

  1. High-speed Canon scanners and image capture software were implemented to digitize and securely store critical documents for departments across the entire organization.
  2. OnBase document management system allowed increased compliance capabilities for ongoing industry and federal audits by identifying what documents were in the secure repository and which required documents were missing
  3. Advanced OCR technologies from software solutions automated processing of utility bills and other invoices in the accounts payable department
  4. OnBase provided access to critical company information 24/7 for both internal and external users
  5. OnBase enabled organizational-wide access to key engineering and architectural plans and drawings
  6. OnBase supported integrated access for SMART devices including iPhone and iPads
  7. OnBase Web Server increased access for emergency responders and utility location service companies without jeopardizing security or confidentiality of proprietary information


DoxTek integrated 11 different internal systems and 26 different business units. Approximately five million documents were converted, cleaned up and properly categorized from the legacy document imaging system including 530 different document types.

Additionally, every individual pipeline has the proper documentation on age, manufacturing, testing and MAOP from the time it was created until the time it’s retired, and all documentation are linked to its corresponding project. The Natural Gas Company can also now easily retrieve and share this information during audits throughout the year.

“The amount of information required to maintain safety for customers and meet new pipeline regulations would be overwhelming without the right document management solution.”

– Director of Engineering Support and Pipeline Compliance