Zions Bancorp has eight community banks and hundreds of branches across the western United States. It processes thousands of documents including guardian/ conservatorship paperwork, trust documents, marriage and death certificates, emails and its client’s signature banking cards. With a reputation built on service quality, Zions continually seeks to reduce costs and increase efficiency as it stays ahead of competitors in the community banking industry.


Managing the life of client’s signature cards – which are created when they open a new bank account – is one of Zions biggest responsibilities.
However, current inefficiencies mean some cards are manually handled multiple times within Zions affiliate banks, sit in a branch for several days until picked up and couriered to Zions’ Shared Services Center for scanning and possibly not electronically accessible for 14 days.

Additionally, deciphering hand-written data fields, common for any bank, is too time consuming and error-prone. Zions needs a secure, automated solution to intelligently capture, extract, index and classify data within a high volume of documents.

Finally, any solution needs to be easy-to-use by non-IT staff, flexible enough to meet the unique needs of Zions individual banks, yet work across the entire company.

DoxTek Solution

  1. Use capture to scan solutions and capture all banking documents in every location
  2. Eliminate the need for offsite scanning department
  3. Use software solution to automatically classify, separate and extract data from any banking document
  4. Create easy-to-use, intuitive interface for authorized branch or banking employee to immediately access information in any location.


The easy-to-use process eliminates delays, lost documents and customer frustration for personnel that route and track signature cards. It has been embraced at individual branches because it can be modified for different needs, documents can now be scanned at point of origination, employees immediately know when documents go into their ECM system and there is a much faster turnaround on exceptions.

The company expects to save more than $700,000 during the next five years, and anticipate additional cost savings as they finalize document retention and destruction/deletion processes.

“DoxTek is continually ahead of the innovation curve for us. Before we can say, ‘We need this,’ they are discovering the right solutions, platforms and software for us, or customizing a system specifically for our needs.”

– Rachel Becker, Manager of IT Business Consulting, Zions Bancorp