Helping your company go green isn’t just about saving the planet one piece of paper at a time. Creating a “Green Business” is about making your company as efficient and profitable as possible. By reducing the amount of paper copies you use, you will save money, improve business practices, and create a more organized document system. Become a “Green Business” today!

Here are 3 simple “Green Business” methods that every professional should implement during their career!

Method 1

To begin the process of decreasing your paper usage around the office, you must first inventory what files are lurking around. Recycle what is no longer needed and decide what documents are vital to your organization’s daily and future success. Once this is decided, you can then decide where to store all these files. Instead of using tens, if not hundreds, of filing cabinets for storage, consider implementing an “Enterprise Content Management” solution that stores all content in a secure centralized location. This system can be accessed by employees throughout the company and from limitless locations.

Method 2

Another way you can become more environmentally efficient is by holding “Green Meetings”. “Reduce the total amount of printed collateral by using double-sided printing and PowerPoint presentations” (1). There is so much technology that has been created for the user’s convenience that utilizing these tools for meetings can increase productivity and meeting involvement.

Method 3

The third method to improving your “Green Business” is to implement electronic forms. “Businesses that have converted to electronic forms and filing systems have found that it takes less time to both find and process information” (2). Depending on your type of business, electronic forms can be a great way to search, track, and record information throughout your company. Using electronic forms saves you the cost of paper and the bigger your organization, the greater your need to become a “Green Business”. Savings can be seen from becoming a “Green Business” and it’s time for each person to reflect on their paper usage, efficiency, and cost.

Consider these 3 methods when you see a need in improving your green business today.


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