May 9, 2016

5 Steps to Improve your  Information Management

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Information management needs to be considered when the paper your business uses is piling up and accessing it has become inefficient. If this is the case in your business, you may need to begin improving your information management systems.

Follow these five steps to see a direct improvement to the flow of information in your company. From Human Resources to Accounting, join the era of going paperless efficiently!

Step 1

Take an inventory of what your current process of record management consists of. What is the purpose of each document and what information is vital in that document? You may consider optical character recognition (OCR) Technology that digitizes a document making its content searchable. Simply scanning documents right away will not be helpful unless you know the process your company needs and where each document should be located.

Step 2

Find in what ways you can improve the processes you currently have in place. You may need to get outside parties to evaluate your process and determine which Enterprise Content Managment (ECM) system is best for you.  ECM systems can be used to securely access documents from anywhere and monitor documentation processes. They are the primary storage location of your documents.

Step 3

Consider how the information from your document inventory will be used. Design your needs around the end result. Find the people that know what information is needed from each type of document, and what that information will be used for. Consult these experts throughout this process so that you format your plans efficiently early on.

Step 4

Begin implementation of your plan by making your document process efficient and accessible to fit your specific needs.

Step 5

See the benefits and reap the rewards of implementing an efficient information management system. Depending on your type of business and the amount of documents that flow through your office, you may need a very customized system or software. There are several firms that perform this service but DoxTek has a support team that engineers the software to fit your very specific needs. After implementation, you may see an improvement in customer service, a reduction in operating costs, and a minimization of risk. Learn more today!

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