Mobile Capture utilizes a tool that 68% of adults in America currently own… a smartphone. Mobile Capture Applications have been created to turn the phone in your pocket into a portable scanner, extracting data automatically and securely.

Mobile Capture Applications

Mobile Capture applications represent the second generation of mobile applications because they allow a user to engage with an organization in real-time. Rather than just checking status, accessing account information, or reading a news story, mobile capture applications now allow users to submit receipts, upload invoices, or deposit checks.

What mobility has driven… in enterprise software is usability. Making it really easy to use this complex software on smaller screens forces you to actually look at the usage patterns and come up with really clear and crisp ways of using the software.”  Sean Nathaniel – Filebound

Mobile Capture Benefits

The benefits of using mobile capture applications are limitless and depend on the extent of your organization’s needs.

  • Smartphones as high-performance capture devices: Turn your high-quality smartphone camera into a portable scanner.
  • Self-service: Allow customers to interact directly with your organization’s business systems at multiple touch points, increasing satisfaction and decreasing operational costs.
  • Eliminate manual entry: You no longer need to manually enter meeting notes, categorize business documents, or fill out lengthy applications. Have data automatically recorded into a searchable format or read-off a key document and loaded into a fillable form or business application.
  • Real-time customer engagement: Become more reachable by providing two-way communication using your customers’ preferred channel of contact.
  • Complements and enhances your user experience: Allows customers to submit their documents through the application itself while receiving feedback on their mobile device about the status of the process.

Move capture to the point of mobile origin, so now we can capture more critical content at the point of origin, early in the business and the net results is we increase business processes and we experience significant cost savings as a result” Pamela Doyle – Fujitsu

DoxTek is partnering with forward-thinking organizations in implementing mobile capture solutions that provide both operational savings and enabling an enhanced level of customer engagement.

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