February 3, 2016

More Reasons You Need ECM This Year

DoxTek Marketing Department

DoxTek, Inc.

At a loss for where you are going to put those paper documents? Can’t decide how long they need to be kept and who is going to keep track of them? If so, you are not alone.

DoxTek has a number of customers who have experienced similar concerns. One in particular was in need of a secure method for efficiently handling and processing personnel files from their more than 100 locations across North America. The organization was spending over $200,000 per year in courier costs to forward documents from call centers to their headquarters. Despite the courier expense, perhaps the most worrisome of challenges was that they were running out of physical space for document storage, and had recently spent a great deal of money to reinforce the floor under their file room containing approximately 5 million pages. Clearly, they had a problem, but DoxTek helped them find a solution that was right for them. By utilizing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to direct their records management process and decrease the amount of paper documents going forward, they no longer needed further physical storage space for their growing business. Read the full case study to learn more…

Your company can do the same! By implementing ECM solutions you will not only see a reduction in costs, but also an increase in information security, organization, and much more.

If you’re ready to take the steps to lower costs, better organization, and greater safety of your information, but aren’t sure where to begin check out this advice from DoxTek’s Certified Records Manager.

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