With a myriad of acronyms in the document capture industry, OCR, OMR, and ICR are some of the most commonly referenced terms. Learn what each acronym means and where the technology can be applied.


Optical Character Recognition converts machine printed characters on a document to digital text. Once characters are converted, users are able to sort, store, manipulate, present, etc. the data in whatever fashion their business and their customers dictate. It is important to note that, though most people use OCR as a general term, OCR specifically means a conversion of printed characters solely, not handwritten text or markings.


Optical Mark Recognition is capturing human-made markings on a form. OMR automatically recognizes if there is a mark, or not a mark, on such popular forms as surveys, scantrons, time sheets, etc. It is important to note that OMR does not recognize handwriting or machine print, and solely checks to see if a marking has been made or if a mark is missing.


Intelligent Character Recognition is used to capture handwriting on such items as forms, applications, and checks. ICR has been improved throughout the years to include the self-learning of handwriting patterns to improve the recognition of human handwriting, which can be very complicated. Again, ICR solely describes the recognition of handwritten documents, not machine printed text or markings.


The best technology to achieve the highest level of recognition is typically OCR. Machine print recognition is much more consistent in accurately recognizing print than mark recognition and handwriting recognition. The good news is that DoxTek is well-versed in all three recognition technologies, and is more than happy to turn that expertise into lasting ROI for your organization! If you have any questions about capture technology or would like to know which capture solution would work best for your organization, contact DoxTek today!

Rick Ram - Systems Engineer at DoxTek

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