onbase-minRecently, OnBase customers were notified that OnBase 16 Service Pack 1 is now available and we wanted to share how you can learn more about OnBase 16 SP1 and move forward with installing the new service pack. Below is a Message from George Angelato, VP, Quality Assurance at OnBase by Hyland.

One of my top priorities is to communicate relevant information to you. It is with extreme delight that I announce that OnBase 16 SP1 is now available. OnBase 16 SP1 is the product that you saw and experienced during CommunityLIVE.

OnBase 16 was released on May 3, 2016. Close to 500 customers are running OnBase 16 in production. An additional 200 customers have OnBase 16 in their test environments in preparation for upgrading their production environments. Currently, we have more than 115 customers upgrading to OnBase 16 each month.

Since the release of OnBase 16 in early May, we have wrapped up development on some post-release projects and have made corrections based on reports from those who are using OnBase 16 in the field. Changes to OnBase 16 SP1 also include Task Force and Security corrections. Altogether, there have been close to 500 updates to OnBase since the initial release. This is a compelling reason for anyone running an earlier version of OnBase 16 to update to SP1. No database upgrade is required to move from an earlier version of OnBase 16 to OnBase 16 SP1.

One thing to keep in mind when upgrading from OnBase 16 to OnBase 16 SP1 is that updated ActiveX controls are required. Some organizations allow our ActiveX controls to be downloaded because they are signed and from a trusted source. Others prefer to push ActiveX controls out to their users. Either way, it is important that you plan for updated ActiveX controls to be installed.

Because OnBase is a vital application for your company, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to OnBase 16 SP1. OnBase 16 SP1 could reduce your support efforts and enhance your user experience. OnBase 16 SP1 may prevent you from having to troubleshoot issues that have already been corrected.

The Release Notes for OnBase 16 SP1 are available in the Secure Download area of OnBase Community. For ease of reference, I have broken the Release Notes into four documents. I have also included the updated Technical Release Overview for New Installs and Upgrades document. You may copy and paste the following names into the download text box.

Release Note File Names:

  • Release Notes for OnBase 16 Client SP1 – Software Corrections.pdf
  • Release Notes for OnBase 16 Client SP1 – Software Enhancements.pdf
  • Release Notes for OnBase 16 Core SP1 – Software Corrections.pdf
  • Release Notes for OnBase 16 Core SP1 – Software Enhancements.pdf
  • Technical Release Overview OnBase 16 SP1.pdf

Items of interest in OnBase 16 SP1:

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Close to 40 updates to Accelerated Financial Reporting Management (AFRM)
  • Advance Capture improvements
  • 15 improvements to Capture Designer
  • 55 changes to Unity Document Imaging
  • 15 changes to the Enterprise Integration Server (EIS)
  • Several performance improvements
  • 7 changes to our Guidewire Integration
  • 10 changes to Intelligent Capture for AP (ICAP)
  • 26 changes to Plan Review
  • 17 changes to our Web Client
  • 17 improvements to WorkView
  • New viewer for CAD Documents in the Unity Client

Check out all of these and the many other changes to OnBase 16 by downloading the Release Notes for OnBase 16 SP1.

As you know, much effort and time that goes into the release of a Service Pack. As I stated earlier, we correct issues reported from the field and those we find through post-regression testing. We pay special attention to those issues having to do with security, data-loss and data integrity.

If you are in the process of preparing for an upgrade, or if you are testing or installing a build other than OnBase 16 SP1, you should contact Technical Support to secure your copy of OnBase 16 SP1.

Author: George Angelato - VP, Quality Assurance - OnBase by Hyland

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