July 1, 2015

Project Management: Over-burdensome or Critical to Success?

Jorge Flores, Project Manager, PMP

DoxTek, Inc.

The project management process is one that was once burdensome to many companies; it was considered an extra step that was unnecessary in the business process. Over time, however, project management has gained both acknowledgment and respect from businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

What benefits come from implementing project management into your business process? By integrating a project manager into the team, the amount of time a project is anticipated to take can actually be greatly reduced. Saving time is not the only benefit.  Project management improves task organization, delegation, scheduling, customer relations, and more. Without project management there tends to be a lack of structure within projects and tasks are often done more than once as roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined.

The incorporation of not only a project manager, but also good project management tools into your existing business processes will likely lead to higher rates of success when attempting to deliver quality products or services to your customers.

By implementing helpful project management techniques, processes can be standardized to work for each project that is taken on. This improves organization, communication and relationships between the client and engineer, and shortens the timeline of the entire project.

While pen and paper, Word Documents, and Excel Spreadsheets are a great way to keep organized, 21st century technology allows for even more simple and detailed project tracking. Much of DoxTek’s project management today is done through an issue tracking site. Being extremely user-friendly, the use of this site has not only been beneficial to the engineers, but to everyone in the office. It has enabled improved project tracking and time management. It provides reports to convey the progress/status of each individual project, keeping projects on schedule and in scope. Overall, it has improved DoxTek’s services, communication, and client relations.

Here at DoxTek project management has become a critical characteristic of our success. By integrating project management into our business process we have been able to complete projects effectively and even deliver earlier than anticipated in many cases.  By implementing the essential aspects of project management techniques and project tracking tools, DoxTek has been able to increase our efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of our end products/services. Project Management allows us to be more productive and provide an overall better end product for each individual client.


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