July 23, 2015

Quick Tips From the Tech: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Scanner?

Alan Wimmer, Lead Hardware Technician & Software Support

DoxTek, Inc.


“A paper jam, again?! That’s the third time today! We need a new scanner…” Sound familiar? Let the DoxTek Tech Guy help you figure out if you really do need a new scanner or just a simple repair or cleaning checkup.

Similar to an automobile, keeping up on general cleaning and maintenance is a necessity for a scanner to last. Routine basic cleaning, such as wiping out the inside of the scanner, can make a world of difference! Additionally, like a fresh set of wheels for your car, purchasing new rollers for your scanner allows for a much smoother ride for those documents you are digitizing.

If you’ve been taking care of your machine but still seem to be experiencing issues, this may be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade. But before you take that step, make sure to consider the following:

  1. The age of the scanner.

While antique furniture and books are of value, antique scanners are not. If your scanner is no longer compatible with the latest software systems, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

  1. The cost of repair vs. cost of buying new.

When it comes to scanners, each one is unique. There is no set “scan count life” for any scanner. That being said, you may only get 500,000 scans out of your scanner or you may get a million. Should you experience issues when the scanner has performed a relatively low number of scans, it may be worth running diagnostics and paying for a repair as you may still be able to get a lot more use out of that scanner. However, if you have a scanner that has performed 6 million scans, it may not be worth the cost of repair, and you should probably consider the cost of purchasing a new scanner.

  1. The size of the scanner.

The smaller the scanner, the cheaper it is to buy new—obviously. If your small format scanner is having difficulties, it may be a good idea to call an appropriate* service/repair company and describe the problem before paying to have diagnostics run. They will likely be able to point you in the right direction, whether that be to repair your machine or upgrade it.  Usually in the case of a small scanner it is not worth paying to have diagnostics run and repairs done. However, if it’s a large format scanner, which can cost upwards of $6,000, it is definitely worth looking into a repair as it could save you a few thousand dollars. Before paying to have diagnostics run, I would recommend calling the repair company you plan to use. Describe to them the error or problem your scanner is having, and they may just be able to diagnose the issue over the phone. They will likely be able to an estimated cost of repair. Think you can make the repair yourself? Well maybe you can, but I would certainly advise against it as I’ve seen many situations where this causes more damage and inevitably ends up costing even more to repair.

Here at DoxTek, we offer a Scanner Exchange Maintenance Program (SEMP) and a Scanner Support Program to help keep these issues to a minimum and solve them with ease when they do arise. Hopefully, this helps guide you in the right direction to avoid dealing with anymore of those pesky “paper jams”. Remember, keep up on cleaning and basic maintenance and NEVER allow staples near your machine (they are the #1 killer of scanners)! If you’re still experiencing technical difficulties, before upgrading consider the age of the scanner, the cost of buying new verses a repair, and the size of the scanner, and, of course, consult an expert for any repair questions.

Questions about our Scanner Exchange Maintenance Program or our Scanner Support Program? Contact us at sales@doxtek.com or 866-678-8400.

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*Always make sure that the service/repair company handling your machine is certified to repair scanners.

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