When working with Virtual ReScan (VRS) there are different categories of licenses to choose from, and it can become difficult to determine what features are provided with which. Since VRS is separate from the Kofax Capture product, it can be licensed separately and may have an additional process to transfer from one machine to another.

VRS Licensing Overview

Kofax VRS is an image enhancement tool intended to provide the best possible image quality across the widest range of document types. Kofax VRS works alongside your scan application to ensure that every scanned image meets your quality standards. Through instant detection of poor image quality, Kofax VRS performs automatic image enhancements. Kofax VRS provides a set of interactive adjustment controls to eliminate guesswork with easy, real-time image correction. –Kofax VRS Installation Guide (pg. 6)

There are 3 license categories for VRS 5: Basic, Professional, and Elite. The following table briefly shows how these licenses are broken down:


VRS Basic


VRS Elite

VRS Basic Features




VRS Professional Features




AIPE Features


Yes (Scan)

Yes (Scan/Import)

Enhanced Bar Code Engine





VRS Basic Features

  • Automatic brightness
  • Speckle removal filter
  • Deskew
  • Edge cleanup

VRS Professional Features

  • Hole fill
  • Automatic orientation
  • Automatic color detection
  • Background smoothing

VRS Elite Features

  • Multicore Processing
  • Auto Profile
  • Device Health
  • Edge Fill

Note: Enhanced barcode recognition is only available at scan time with VRS software licensing. Additional licensing will be required for recognition during import and OCR.

How to Activate a VRS License

When a VRS license is obtained, you’ll want to install VRS and license it. However, this process can change depending upon the type of license obtained, and where the license was purchased.

Certain scanner manufacturers (such as Canon and Fujitsu) can provide VRS licensing with their scanners. This OEM VRS will have the license built into the hardware and pre-activated once installation of VRS is complete.

Note: When installing the OEM VRS, the Kofax installation process can impact the ease of license activation. For additional information, please reference our Tips and Best Practices article.

License activation may differ slightly between VRS 4.x and VRS 5. For VRS 5, follow the below steps to activate your VRS license:

  1. Open the Administration Console and click License.
  2. On the License panel, in the User Identification group, enter or verify the following:
  • Name: Type your full name.
  • Company: Type the name of your company.
  • Email: Type your email address.
  1. In the Product Information group, review the Version, Scanner, and Machine ID, which are automatically detected. You cannot edit these values.
  2. In the License Identification group, refer to the license information issued when you purchased Kofax VRS and enter the following:
  • Part Number: Type the part number assigned to your Kofax VRS license.
  • Serial Number: Type the serial number assigned to your Kofax VRS license.
  • Product Code: Type the product code assigned to your Kofax VRS license.
  1. Click Activate.

Kofax will use the provided email to send a link to the product activation webpage. When you click the link, you will be notified that the email address is verified and given a product activation code. Note, this code for future reference and click Activate in the Administration Console again to complete the process.

For detailed instructions on activating the VRS 4.x license, please refer to the Help section of VRS by clicking the Help button in the Administration Console.

How to Transfer a VRS License to Another Machine

If you need to transfer the VRS license from one workstation to another there is a Kofax recommended process. Please be sure to write down the license information (including the product code and serial number). If the workstation were to become unusable before deactivating the license, or an internet connection is unavailable, this information will need to be provided to your first line of support.

VRS 4.x

To deactivate the VRS 4.x license, you will need to run the Deactivate VRS tool. This can be located in the following places:

  • C:\Program Files\Kofax\ImgCtls\Bin\Deactivate.exe
  • C:\ProgramFiles\Kofax\Capture\ImgCtls\Bin\Deactivate.exe

A Deactivate VRS prompt will display the active license information and the message “Do you want to deactivate this license?”. Click the Yes button to deactivate, or the No button to exit the deactivation screen.

Note: Before clicking the Yes button, save the license information for backup purposes.


To deactivate the VRS 5 license, start by launching the Administration Console and navigating to the License tab. On this tab, you will see the license information with a Deactivate button below.

Be sure to note the license information before deactivating.

If VRS 5 is uninstalled, the license should be deactivated automatically. In the event the process is interrupted, or there is no internet connection available, a deactivate.txt file will be created in the following location on Windows 7 and newer machines: C:\ProgramData\Kofax\VRS

Once the license has been deactivated, follow the license activation steps to apply the license to the new workstation.

Additional Information

Author: Brad Van Fleet – Technical Support Engineer, DoxTek


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