With the help of DoxTek, eReplacementParts.com implements ABBY Flexicapture to improve document processing.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t use an electric saw? It is mind numbing and exhausting to push and pull for hours just to get a piece of wood into a more useable shape. Thankfully, someone invented the electric saw and cutting a straight line by hand suddenly became easier and faster. Mechanical things, such as tools, are an amazing part of the world we live in. The challenge with mechanical things is they eventually wear out and break. That challenge is compounded when it gets difficult to find the right part to get your tool back in working order. The guys at eReplacementParts stepped into the gap and created an enterprise to help people get the right parts to keep things running.

With any good solution come new challenges. In the case of eReplacementParts, mountains of paper came through the door every day from both vendors and customers. Sorting and directing the invoices was mind numbing and exhausting. Thankfully, the company found a scanning solution that helped automate much of the manually intensive processes involved with these invoices. Unfortunately, it was a solution that was just “good enough.” Many of the team members hadn’t been happy with the process for quite some time, but it did the job.

Then things got weird.

Because the current version of the software eReplacementParts was using would no longer be supported, the solution company informed eReplacementParts that unless they upgraded, it would be disabled. There did seem to be a silver lining. If the upgrade took place, many of the things that had been “good enough” might now be much better. Except the current provider couldn’t confirm that. Nor could they confirm that the hundreds of custom templates that had been built for the current version would continue to function. In fact, the provider of the current solution was unable to even give accurate pricing for the upgrade. For the team at eReplacementParts, it felt like they were fighting against themselves.

Maybe good enough wasn’t really good enough.

If the scanning and sorting solution at eReplacementParts would have to be rebuilt from the ground up, the team decided they should look around at other possibilities. One of those possibilities was Flexicapture from ABBYY. The team at DoxTek was ready to show eReplacementParts what was possible. The initial demonstrations from DoxTek of Flexicapture suggested many of the previously tolerated pain points could be relieved. For example, the previous scan would flag an entire document for a single error that would take a half hour to rectify. On the other hand, the Flexicapture solution would only pinpoint the one error, allowing the change to be fixed in a few minutes.

As the new ABBYY Flexicapture solution was implemented by the team at DoxTek, things got better. Custom created templates for each invoice style that required coding and programming experience could now be updated by individual operators. Previously, if an error was found, the request went into the queue for a programmer to resolve. That also meant all of the same invoice types would back up until the fix was made. The ABBYY solution is simple enough that the operator can initiate the fix on the fly and the work flow continues in minutes rather than waiting days. Although the Flexicapture solution from DoxTek was only recently implemented, the future looks promising with the efficiencies and savings for eReplacementParts. The mind numbing and exhausting process of good enough is now much better and improving.

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