workflowHow it works

  • System Setup & Monitoring. Access your system from a web-based console that is available 24/7. Set up user permissions, email notifications, and project settings.
  • Input. Take advantage of ABBYY’s scanning station that allows you to scan from your desktop and set pre-defined settings for various types of documents. Each scanned image will be improved by deskewing, rotating, and hiding sensitive data. Use your mobile device as a portable scanner to input document images.
  • Recognition. Using accurate OCR technology, have documents classified using content-based classification or rule-based classification.
  • Verification. After a document has been recognized, an optional stage, verification is available. You can review characters in a group or one-by-one.
  • Export. Export the verified data to any database, ERP, CRM, or ECM system.

Key FlexiCapture Benefits

FlexiCapture delivers a range of benefits for all organizations, such as:

  • Single entry point for paper and image documents. Centralize and distribute the document capture function, automatically classify documents based on  structure and content and get intelligent data extraction from documents of any complexity
  • Reduced costs. Reduce spending on employees doing manual data entry and reduce shipping and handling expenses by digitizing paper at the point of origin.
  • Improved efficiency. Repurpose personnel to focus on essential business tasks instead of document processing, streamline processes to achieve better revenue and reduce time spent on document search and retrieval.
  • Higher value to customers. Shorten response times by removing hurdles from document processing, focus key personnel on providing service to clients and stay ahead of competitors in pricing and quality of service with more efficient business processes.

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