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Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is ideal for elastic computing, performance, and agility. Providing a high-end combination of technologies from Cisco and VMware with certified cloud experts to help you design and implement a successful cloud strategy. DoxTek and Flexential’s team of experts will work with you to understand your specific business goals, technical requirements, and security needs. We’ll design and implement a private cloud that is optimized for your business.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant Cloud

Audit-ready HIPAA and PCI Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution is available in the cloud using industry-leading virtualization and security technology.

Public Cloud

DoxTek offers Public Cloud in either managed or unmanaged solutions and can reduce costs and enhance the quality of the services delivered to business users and clients. Most importantly, it can reduce the time it takes to create and deploy new products and services. DoxTek‘s Public Cloud infrastructure gives clients the ability to capitalize on the benefits of virtualization and provides a highly secure environment,  increasing control and eliminating security concerns often driven by regulatory and compliance needs.

Managed AWS

Have access to certified support for Amazon Web Services, including design, onboarding, proactive support and business planning.

Cloud Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

DoxTek’s Cloud DRaaS platform offers an easy to use and reliable DRaaS solution that is scalable to any business. Utilizing Zerto’s technology, DoxTek replicates your virtual environment to a geographically diverse location, assuring quick recovery after a disaster, whether man-made or natural. We understand that IT departments are stretched thin, so we make disaster recovery simple by offering hypervisor-based replication, continuous data protection, disaster recovery orchestration, and automation with an offsite backup.

Dedicated Servers

High-end combination of best-in-class technology and certified experts to help implement successful application architecture.

7 Reasons To Adopt Cloud Hosting

Shift the Financial Model

When adopting cloud hosting, one of the first benefits you may discover is the reduction of up-front expenditures. Cloud technology eliminates many of the capital expenses incurred from implementing in-house IT infrastructure. By placing the responsibility of purchasing, managing, and updating the hardware on the cloud provider you can shift the financial model.

Grow the Business Faster

Although the services you need in the cloud may be a small part of your overall business objective, by letting a cloud provider apply their experienced workforce to your IT infrastructure, you can focus your resources on what is needed to grow your business.

Continuous Support

Supporting and maintaining your cloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be a challenge if you do not have the resources available. By moving to cloud hosting, you can achieve 24/7 support and potentially gain expertise that can proactively monitor your environment,  catching problems before they occur and decreasing disruption to your service.

Optimize Performance and Scale Faster

The cloud provides you with the opportunity to automatically scale your application or server vertically (whether on a public cloud or on a combination of public and private cloud) to increase resources on an existing machine, or horizontally to duplicate an existing virtual machine.

Security and Compliance

DoxTek and Flexential are focused on keeping your data secure and offer high levels of physical security and notify you proactively of any potential risks. When your applications contain confidential information such as personal health information or financial information, your business must comply with federal or industry governed standards, like HIPAA or PCI. Some cloud providers offer certified compliant data centers for many compliance regulations and auditing standards.

Business Continuity

Most cloud providers have multiple data centers distributed geographically to enable greater business continuity planning. If a disruption occurs that impacts the data center where your production servers reside, having a Disaster Recovery server at a different location can help you recover quickly.

Leverage Experienced Teams

The expertise needed to leverage the cloud effectively requires more than putting the equipment and infrastructure in place. It requires the knowledge to proactively manage and monitor it. Managed cloud hosting companies provide an experienced team to custom design your cloud solution, create the business continuity plan, and implement the cloud security devices that your business needs.

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