Stacking Higher

Ever feel like you’re buried under a mountain? Like every piece of paper ever produced in the history of the world is on your desk? The human resources department at the Western Governor’s University shuffled a lot of paper. The system started with an individual who retrieved each onboarding file—I-9, W4, direct deposit forms, and more—then printed each of them as a hard copy. Next, three separate file folders were created with the employee’s name and unique identification number. One folder was populated with the I-9, one was reserved for benefits information, and the last held everything else. The folders were stored safe and sound in a room full of file cabinets.

Then the fun would begin.


Say someone was married and went through a name change. An individual would physically go to the file room, search for at least the I-9 file to make the change. Each folder would then be relabeled and the I-9 changed. On occasion, the I-9 would be photo copied again and returned to the employee before a new one was generated and returned to the folder, cabinet, and file room. Now if anything else needed to be changed in either of the other two folders, the merry-go-round would start again.


The worst part of this resource and time intensive paper chase was initiated when someone’s employment ended. Each of the folders would need to be updated and moved. After a few years, the files would be moved off-site to a long-term storage facility. Ironically enough, the real challenge started when a former employee would return to work for WGU. If the set of files was still on the premises, they would have to be located, updated, and reintegrated to the active files. If by some chance enough time had passed and the files were off-site, a request would be sent to the holding company, who in turn charged a fee for locating and returning the documents.

Something needed to change.

With an OnBase solution that interfaced with other applications, things did change. The DoxTek team helped facilitate a next generation digital process that reduced a 300-hour per month slog to a couple days of work. No more reprinting documents, no more labels and multiple folders, and no more running back and forth to retrieve and file the information. Now with just a few mouse clicks, the electronic documents are stored. More importantly, the same documents are retrieved when needed with a few more clicks.

When asked on a scale of one to 10, how this DoxTek solution impacted her work, the HR professional in charge of this process enthusiastically answered, “15!” Glad we could help.