Client Signature Card Challenge

Have you ever considered what happens to that little card you sign when opening a bank account? Zions Bancorp does. In fact, one of their biggest concerns is managing the life of client signature cards. Inefficiencies in some of Zions affiliate banks meant manually handling cards multiple times. Those cards could sit in a branch for several days before being picked up and couriered to Zions’ Shared Services Center for scanning. The process could take more than 14 days before the electronic record became accessible.

Decipher the hand-written data fields on the signature cards can be extremely time consuming and error prone. What Zions needed was an intelligent, secure, automated solution to capture the high volume of documents. The system then needed to extract, index, and classify the data.

Another solution criteria was that it had to be easy-to-use by non-IT staff. And finally, it had to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of Zions individual banks, but still work across the entire company.

DoxTek Solution

DoxTek’s marching orders were simple.

  1. Use scan solutions to capture all banking documents in every location.
  2. Eliminate the need for offsite scanning departments.
  3. Use the software solution to automatically classify, separate, and extract data from any banking document.
  4. Create an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for authorized branch or banking employees to immediately access information in any location.

Solution Implemented

The solution implementation began to take shape after deep consultation sessions between DoxTek and Zions. For team members who are responsible for routing and tracking signature cards, the improvements were immediate. As anticipated, the easy-to-use process eliminated delays, reduced lost documents, and improved customer satisfaction. In fact, individual branches have clamored to adopt the solution because it can be modified for different needs. Now documents can be scanned at the point of origination, and employees across the company can immediately see when documents enter the ECM system. The system implementation also included a much faster turnaround on exceptions.

Savings Expected

Zions projects more than $700,000 in savings during the initial five years of implementation. More cost savings are anticipated as document retention and destruction/deletion processes are finalized.

“DoxTek is continually ahead of the innovation curve for us. Before we can say, ‘We need this,’ they are discovering the right solutions, platforms and software for us, or customizing a system specifically for our needs.”

Rachel Becker, Manager of IT Business Consulting, Zions Bancorp