Only What You Need

It’s kind of like driving up to the window at the local fast food joint. Would you like fries with that burger? How about making it a combo meal? Would you like to make that a large? For just a little extra we can make it onion rings instead of fries, or a shake instead of a soda. Sometimes all you want and need is a hamburger.  That’s where Ridgeback Resources found themselves.

Ridgeback had been using Kofax for their scanning solution, but a desktop modernization project meant an upgrade to Kofax would be necessary. The upgraded Kofax solution was going to include many additional features and extra volume licensing that Ridgeback simply didn’t need. Suddenly they were being forced to buy the extra-large value meal, when all they needed was the burger.

Change was Coming

A change was needed. But what should they do? The account team at DoxTek responded to Ridgeback’s dilemma by suggesting a standard burger solution in the form of ABBYY Flexicapture.

In addition to the desktop modernization, other things were changing at Ridgeback that affected scanning needs. Invoice numbers had decreased well below Kofax licensing ranges. One department had eliminated the need for scanning altogether. As factors continued to pile up and future needs were considered, one ABBYY benefit stood out—that is, ABBYY would allow the number of licenses to level up or down as needed.

Additional Benefits

Surprisingly, additional savings in the form of time and efficiency were realized almost immediately. For example, when an incoming invoice was previously received via email, the message and attached document would need to be extracted, renamed, and saved to a different location before processing. The ABBYY solution automatically recognized that the email and attachment belonged together, which allowed them to be processed simultaneously.

Of course, cost savings were a huge factor. The new ABBYY solution was much less expensive when considering the reduced volumes required and ABBYY’s ability to right size volume licensing to Ridgeback’s specific needs.

When Ridgeback looked at all the pieces, it made the decision to switch well worth the two weeks it took to validate the new solution. And of course, DoxTek was there every step of the way to help smooth the bumps. Ridgeback was extremely happy with our strong technical and personal relationship skills.

We've already noticed a huge difference in using ABBYY. It is way more efficient especially with the scanning of emailed invoices, which saves tons of time. It also allows us to easily identify if a vendor is 'direct entry.' In this case, we stop immediately and return the invoice to the vendor.

Just the burger today, thanks.