A New Year, A New You: Indicators That Your Business is Ready for an ECM Solution

January 27, 2016

DoxTek Marketing Department

DoxTek, Inc.

Document Management is a growing industry where more and more companies are beginning to realize the value in adopting an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for their business. If you are struggling with any of the following problems, your business may be ready for an ECM solution too!

  • A Growing Mound of Paperwork – At a loss for how to organize the growing pile of proposals, SOW’s, invoices, deposit slips, meeting notes, and other documents on your desk? It is definitely time to consider implementing an ECM solution. Besides just bringing the relief of finally having an organized office space, you will see many additional benefits from ECM.
  • Insecure Documents – Do you find yourself worrying whether you will be able to access the document you need from that growing pile on your desk? If so, ECM can help! By implementing an ECM solution your documents will be digital and can be quickly and easily accessed. Not wanting just anyone in your organization to access all files in the system? No problem.  Workflows and permissions tools allow administrators to delegate access to information.  Additionally, tracking tools can help ensure that your files remain secure and handled appropriately.  By utilizing ECM, your organizations’ data remains accessible, traceable and secure whether attempting to access your information onsite, mobile or at remote/field locations.
  • Time Consuming Processes – Does receiving payment from your clients take longer than you feel it should? With ECM there may be a way to speed up the steps in your AP process, thus allowing you to receive payment in a more timely manner.
  • Above Average Expenditure– After reviewing last years’ financials, how does your company add up to others in your industry? Are you spending more than your competitors to complete the same processes? If so, consider implementing an ECM solution. By doing so you may cut down on the time your employees need to complete these processes, therefore cutting down on non-value hours and increasing the number of hours employees can spend on billable work. In addition, by reducing the amount of physical paperwork your business will realize a reduction in the office supplies category, including; paper, toner cartridges, and printing equipment.

With a new year upon us, consider your business.  Are your processes efficient and cost effective? Is your information secure, yet easily accessible to you? If not, there’s a good indication that you are ready for an ECM solution!

If you are unsure if an ECM solution is right for you and your organization, let DoxTek know.  We are happy to spend some time reviewing your current processes and helping you determine if a new Document Management System is right for you in 2016.

To discover more indicators that your business should consider ECM, click here.

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