Something Old Something New

We had a great time at our Connexion 2019 Event this year. October 1st in the Salt Lake Valley was clear and beautiful. We had folks join us as far away as Texas, California, and Montana. Needless to say, the folks in Montana had already had snow while those from Texas and California were a little chilly. It was nice and comfortable inside the conference facilities at Hale Centre Theatre.

This is the first year we have specifically branded our conference. Previously, we had simply called our gathering the annual Users Conference. But this year, we wanted to make sure the event meant something more. To meet together, to interact in positive ways, where “X” marks the spot. To be connected to help one another be better with the technologies we use. In short, Connexion.

Opening Session. What exactly do those acronyms mean anyway?

Michael Miles, the CEO of DoxTek, kicked off the day with a high-level discussion about AI, RPA, and Machine learning. These elements in technology are hot topics. To better understand how they will fit in future business, Michael explained how each of these technologies are used in business processes.

WorkView 101

David Lewton and James Morrison from Hyland discussed the exciting possibilities of developing your own applications in WorkView. This low code environment makes so many things possible. James compared the traditional application development like building Revell models. Once things are glued in place, they can’t be moved. On the other hand, WorkView is more like building with Legos. Use only the blocks you need to create what you want. Then you can add more blocks to fit your needs.

Intelligent Automation: RPA and Intelligent Capture

Getting into the nuts and bolts of digital transformation, Reggie Twigg from ABBYY described how intelligent capture fits into the picture. Capture is fundamentally changing from a (back office) function to a capability. Reggie described how this is happening.

WorkView 201

James again took the mic to further describe the under-the-hood functionality of WorkView. He also announced some special opportunities with WorkView and WorkFlow. We’ll be sending some emails, social media posts, and other communications out about these special deals.

Hyland’s Path Forward

Glenn Gibson described the future direction of Hyland’s products, including the flagship OnBase. No longer will Hyland release version numbers in the same pattern. But instead will provide more robust updates on a schedule. Foundation is now the brand for OnBase versioning.

Intelligent Machines, Essential Human Skills, and Product Spotlights, Oh My

Hyland also has a strategy for intelligent machines and how they fit into future technology. Again, Glenn lent his voice and slides to describe some of the ways it works now, and how it will work into the future.

Getting Rid of the Paper

Laurie Niemi and Therese Butts from Sibanye-Stillwater, an international mining firm, described how they used a DoxTek OnBase solution to make mountains of hard copy paper disappear. By focusing on security and efficiency, the new system was able to solve several paper-related challenges.

Big Five

Adrian Enders and Brian Miller from the DoxTek technical team talked about the five biggest lessons our support and engineering group internalized this year. Want to know what they are? Drop them a line, and they’ll be happy to share.

Making the Switch to ABBBY FlexiCapture

When making a technology switch, both the project management and technical aspects must be addressed. With Craig Young representing the project management side and Adrian Enders the technical, the DoxTek team walked us through the process and some of the challenges involved in such a change. Don’t worry, they made it seem easy.


Chief Sales Officer, Dwayne Ritchie had the privilege of presenting our two annual awards.

First was the Training Excellence award, received by Ajay Awanti, Product Manager from Mitchell International.

Next, Innovative Solution of the year was presented to Sibanye-Stillwater



The evening wrapped up with two fabulous shows presented at Hale Centre Theatre. Phantom and Addams Family.